Vote YES on
Constitutional Amendment #1


Keep Louisiana Competitive

Vote YES on C.A. #1

On October 12, Louisianans will vote on Constitutional Amendment #1 to extend an ad valorem tax exemption to property stored in Louisiana warehouses but destined for use in the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS). Materials impacted by the amendment would include tools, equipment and other items used for offshore drilling and production.

The amendment, sponsored by state Rep. Blake Miguez, is designed to provide clarification on an ambiguous portion of the Louisiana tax code and would not take away any parish revenue. If passed, the amendment would largely maintain current status quo on materials exempted from this tax.

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Vote YES on C.A. #1

Sample Ballot
Do you support an amendment to exempt raw materials, goods, commodities, personal property, and other articles stored in public and private warehouses and destined for the Outer Continental Shelf from ad valorem taxes?


Constitutional Amendment #1 is good for our state and good for hard-working Louisianans. We hope we can count on your support on election day!

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Protect Louisiana Taxpayers

Keep Louisiana’s Economy Competitive

The oil and natural gas industry is the backbone of Louisiana’s economy as the second-largest oil producer and fourth-largest natural gas producer in the nation. Competitive tax policies at the state level are critical to the economic health of our state.

The amendment allows Louisiana to remain the gateway to natural resources in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM), creates jobs, stimulates local economies, and attracts long-term capital investments throughout the state.

Undermining offshore energy development through short-sighted policies could adversely affect Louisiana’s economy, weaken U.S. energy security, and financially impact American families.

Oil and Gas Industry Impact

  • More than 250,000 jobs across the state.

  • $72.8 billion impact on Louisiana’s economy.

  • $19.2 billion in annual household income.

Let’s Connect

We need your help spreading the word that Constitutional Amendment #1 is good
for our state and good for hard-working Louisianans.

Tell your friends you will be voting YES to C.A. #1 on election day!

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